Kasey Hill – Author & Poet

Writing One Page at a Time

The Wastelands of Oz novel

Dorothy Gale, now an adult living back in Kansas, has contracted stomach cancer.  Her daughter Maryjane has, without Dorothy’s knowledge, taken trips to Oz and has gained knowledge of her witch powers from none other than Glinda, the good witch of the South. Though Maryjane is the most powerful magickal being in either world, she is unable to heal her mother, so she plans to return Dorothy to Oz so Glinda can heal her. However, Oz is now a wasteland controlled by a new more powerful evil, the Red Sorceress, who has taken the wizard’s place and is far worse than the wicked witch of the West. Glinda’s powers are no match for the Red Soceress, so Maryjane becomes Oz’s only saving grace . Maryjane and Dorothy find battle new monsters as they search Oz for Dorothy to meet her beloved trio of friendsone last time before the cancer takes her. Meanwhile, Maryjane’s long lost love Charlie, Glinda’s son and heir to the throne of Oz, appears but is no longer who he used to be. Now, battling not only the Red Sorceress but Charlie as well, Maryjane embarks on what is the most life changing sequence of events to happen in the life of a teenage girl.


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