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Editing and Revising Wastelands of Oz

I’m going through the first few chapters during my edit sessions for revisions and I can tell a tremendous difference in the writing from the first chapters and the latter ones. The first few chapters I longhanded and wasspending time transcribing them to my laptop. It was a week in between transcriptions and picking back up writing again. However, during transcription, I lost the original handwritten parts and had to recreate scenes from chapters already writte. Any author knows how hard and how big of a deal this is. The newer scenes were better and more in depth, however the first chapters already transcribed seemed…cheesy compared to the rest of the written work. So, I’m going through the first chapters revising scenes and making some rather necessary changes to the main character of my book, Maryjane. I’ve stuck to the idea she didn’t know her own powers and didn’t know hot to use them. She will know she has powers but not quite grasp the usage of them but grow with them.  I thnk this is a necessary change for character development especially with it being a “coming of age” passage.I’m also doing some modifications of the original characters and make it a more original piece than just fan fiction. I hope yall will enjoy my excerpts to come and enjoy the book once it is published. =]


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