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Facts about the Wizard of Oz most don’t know

It has been an extrememly long time since I had read the Oz books, so while editing last night I found some pdf’s and downloaded them to my tablet and read the first and main Oz story over again. My WIP Wastelands of Oz is based from the books not the movie so I wanted to be more acurate with everything. Warner Bros. really fucked everything in that book. First of all, I’m fairly certain that everyone knows that the ruby slippers in the movie were really silver. If not, sorry to burst your bubble but the book represented a presidential campaign in the 1800’s. The silver slippers represented the silver of the country and the yellow brick road represented the gold of the country. Another thing you didn’t relize if you have (or haven’t) read the book is that Glinda is NOT the good witch of the North but is actually the good witch ofthe South. The good witch of the North is the one that greets Dorothy in Munchkin Land but she is not Glinda, she actually has no name.

So needless to say, a few small details have to be rearranged but the one top copyright infringement piece that I have to rework in my novel is that Miss Gulch never existed in the book. She was created for the movie only SO I need a new angle and have to think hard on it. Hmmm decisions, decisions.



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