Kasey Hill – Author & Poet

Writing One Page at a Time

The Dark Kiss Goodnight novel

When Grand Duchies of Moscow Andrei and Mikhail, died, they didn’t die completely, for they had been kissed by the lips of an Ubor and were granted immortality. Wars broke out throughout Russia from fear of what the leaders had become. So, Mikhail and Andrei went into a vampyric hibernation until the year 1693. A melodic voice awoke them from their slumber and their eyes befell a woman of pure beauty and disarray, Empress Anna, Tsar of St. Petersburg, Russia. With the arrival of their demonic demeanor into Russia again, wars broke out once more. The brothers were constantly battling over the hand of Anna, which only led to destruction of villages. The castle of Anna was being raided and at the last moments before the people of Russia would take her out for her death, Mikhail took Anna into his arms and granted her the same kiss he had been granted 500 years ago. The three made off like bandits into the fields of snow. Even though Mikhail had won Anna’s hand and heart, Andrei was not about to let his brother win completely. So, Mikhail and Anna stole off by themselves in the middle of the night leaving Andrei in his slumber. Now more than 300 years later, the couple are still thriving together. They have made human friends that know who and what they really are. They are living a happy, normal life. And then there’s Andrei again. However, as the days progress and the battles restart, one of the human friends they have looks familiar to him. Upon questioning, he realizes he had slaughtered her husband and children, sparing her because of her pregnancy. Even though she was human, and even though she hated him, the sparks flew between the two. The connection causes Andrei to doubt his immortality and battle the demon of turning his love or dying in the sun with her as she takes her last breath of mortal life.


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