Kasey Hill – Author & Poet

Writing One Page at a Time

A piece of writing hit me…thoughts?

I’m not sure if I will expand on this but its a good little piece.

She traced her fingers across his chest as he gently kissed her neck. Moments like this is what she longed for everyday. The raw intimacy of passion tangled within the sheets. It wasn’t the sex that excited her but his magnetic touch and embrace. So long it had been since they were passionately in touch with each other. Keeping a spark alive in a relationship is one of the most difficult in married life. Jobs, children, and the occasional “How was your day,” was the montage of forced conversation and intermingling within the past five years.

Her body still vibrated from the intense moment of ecstasy shared between her and the man that lay beside her; the man who had became a ghost in her life. His separate personas kept her on her toes. She never knew if he was happy or dissatisfied in their life together until they share moments like these, even if they only existed once in a blue moon. Everyday she wondered what happened to us? We were so close and so in sync with each other when we first started the charades of love. Now, our intimate talks revolve around whether or not to carpool with the other parents on Fridays.

Life had taken a sharp turn in the road once she had the second baby. Of course the stress of the baby caused Mike to work longer hours to bring in a little more money to offset the changes, however, the best stress reliever is sex and lately even that was strained between the two of them. She often caught herself wondering if he was seeing someone on the side and if his “long hours at work” was just an excuse to find more hours in the day to work his secret life and his home life into the timeline.

He stirred beneath the weight of her laying on his chest and began to set up and stand from the bed. She glanced over at the clock. 4:30am. He headed to their personal bathroom and she could hear the water turn on and the razor go as he began his daily morning routine.

“Honey, are you getting ready for work?” she asked as she sat up in bed. The sheet she had draped around her fell to the bed and she perched herself on the bed awaiting his reply.

He glanced over at her, his eyes lingering a moment on her naked body.

“Well, I’m up and I don’t think there is no falling back to sleep. I thought I would head in a little early and maybe be able to get off early as well,” he said as he began to use his electronic razor and shave away the stubble from his face and neck.

She laid back down, slightly disappointed he didn’t want to spend more time in bed with her. The idea of him getting off early though sent goosebumps down her spine for he was rarely ever home before 8pm. He shut the bathroom door and she heard the shower turn on. She situated herself in bed to a position that was more comfortable when she heard an odd noise. She raised from her bed and looked to the bedside table where his phone laid. His phone’s screen was lit up and the odd noise was the vibrating coming from the silenced rings.

Who would be calling this late of the night, she wondered to herself? She reached over to answer his phone when she realized it was a text message that had came through. She glanced to the closed bathroom door and back to the phone. She bit her lip as she contemplated opening the message when another message rolled in. She decided whoever was texting this late was texting over an emergency and that weighed out her opening the message. She clicked the unlock screen on the phone and opened the message. Her world fell from beneath her feet.


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