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Trinitarian Magick for Teenagers and Young Adults

I have been sinking a lot of my time into finishing this esoteric book and submitting it to Llewellyn for possible publication. It focuses around the Trinitarian Tradition of Wicca but also gives some basic witchcraft knowledge in case Wicca isn’t for the magickally inclined individual. I’m finishing up the esbats and sabbat correspondence information and then sending it through a nother round of edits and revision and submitting it. I figure I have another 2-4 weeks left on this project. If its not accepted, then self publishing it is, but I think this is necessary for those young Trinitarian Witches out there.

Trinitarian Magick cove-480x745

The artowrk on this book was an original drawing I drew as a teenager. It’s one of the few artwork pieces I have left after all of my moves since 2009. I think its a wonderful depiction of the young goddess and the young solar god for our tradition. Stay tuned for submission and publication details!!!


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