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Writing One Page at a Time

Trinitarian Magick for Teenagers and Young Adults formatted

I have available for ebook download the manuscript sent Llewellyn. I have it in epub format, mobi, and pdf. They are available for $8 and the pdf is great for those who to print it out for a Book of Shadows add in.

Email me at kaseyhill02242012@gmail.com for your copy. It is up on http://www.trinitarianwicca.org/downloads.htm along with its complimentary page http://www.trinitarianwicca.org/trinitarianmagick.htm

I’m “patiently” waiting for a response from Llewellyn and the anxiety is mounting as well as thenervousness. This is a big step forward for the tradition by extending its doors to Teenagers and opening the minds of young adults. I was a young adult (which in my meaning is 20-25 year old) when I began the path as a Trinitarian Wiccan and that was 8 years ago. =] It’s life changing and doesn’t have anything to really do with the bible or with Christianity as most think it does. The book Christian Wicca: The Trinitarian Tradition came out in 2003 and its just been hell for us on the path. We have been presenting videos to the public to explain the tradition so misinterpreted.

Christian Wicca was later renamed to the tradition it should have been called to begin with, Trinitarian Wicca. Nancy was taking baby steps in the beginning but has shed light on so many people changing their lives forever!

“Christian” was a descriptive adjectve for the chosen pantheon of deities used in our Wiccan tradition, just as Celtic Wicca. Other than Mesopaganism, termed to us by Isaac Bonewitz, we cannot come up with a term to better suit and sum up our blend of Goddsses and Gods from Hebrew/Gnostic/Caananite times. the term “Christian” doesn’literally mean we takescripture and incorporate it into out workings. It’s the only way to get across the pantheon such as Jesus and all of the chosen Goddesses. We are NOT taking the religious context but reclaiming the rightful Gods and Goddesses eradicated from the texts making it polytheistic as opposed to the monotheism it has become.

In Trinitarian Magick, the reader can choose whether Wicca is what is needed in their life or if its just a witchcraft walk. That decision is the one no teen gets to make when they read other teenage witch books because the focus is Wicca. I hope my book reaches the masses of teenagers lost in thought and religion and shows them there is more out there.


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