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Take a Trip Back to Oz

Did you enjoy the first trip to the Land of Oz? How about the second? What about the 14th? Do you remember these trips so well you can hear the sound of Oz and can feel Oz’s colors dripping on your skin? Good. It’s about time for another trip to Oz. There’s a new sorceress causing pandemonium in the cities and lands of Oz. Who will stop it this time? Dorothy? It’s been years since she has been to Oz. She is an elderly woman now. Then who, you might ask? Who do you think? Who would have the trips, the memories, the friends, and the adventures like Dorothy? It’s a tough question yet the answer is so simple. Who? Why none other than her daughter, Maryjane, a powerful witch whose powers were granted to her from the Elders of Oz. She will risk losing everything to save her mom, the trio of friends, and Oz from the clutches of evil. Love, death, rebirth, and salvation are whirling around in the cyclones of Oz. Are you prepared for another walk down the yellow brick road?


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