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Yes! A Christian Can Be A Witch!

SHE”S pretty good at explaining the tradition =] give her blog a read

Ostara, The Good

I am writing this blog post in response to the blog post: A Controversary Topic, Can a Christian Be a Witch? by Witches of the craft (whom I am a big fan of by the way). I had to break it up into two posts because it got too long. There is much to learn I am only giving you a teaspoonful of what God/dess has taught me all of my life. The response is because the writer stated that basically they felt a Christian and a Witch are two completely different things that no one can really take seriously or possibly become!  Well, here is my take on it.

me blog 2

Okay…so let me get to it! How can a Christian be a Witch? Fast forward a few years of church stuff….I went through a painful divorce and began really seeking the bible again for answers. Now I hadn’t really spent…

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