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Editing and Revising Chapter Two of the Wastelands of Oz

Editing and revising Chapter Two of the Wastelands of Oz. I can;t wait to finish my edits and revision so I can submit it to a publishing company =] Do yall know that the series had fourteen books? I don;t know if I’m going to write that many sequels lol but I am definitely writing two more and already have the ideas written down for them.

How come no one ever thought to do a spin off aside from the Great and Powerful Oz movie and the Wicked book? You never know what happens to Dorothy after she grows. This book doesn’t go into detail to much of Dorothy but it still surrounds her life through her daughter’s eyes. I remember watching the Wizard of Oz over and over at the age of three. Yes, I was that little and still remember watching it and keeping my gaze for so long on the movie that my yes burned when I blinked. I was captivated by the movie and so is my daughter


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