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I’m on Chapter 12 of edits and revisions of Wastelands of Oz…I feel like when I don’t change something in a chapter I’m not doing a good job. I have been adding in descriptions and changing the flow of words, but I feel like I need to do more. Am I overthinking it? I don’t know but I guess once I get it to beta readers I will find out =] Glinda reinvisioned in this book, also adjusting character profiles and tools of the craft. I think I might be making Glinda a sorceress as well and Maryjane may overpower all of them and be a magus mortem Sorceress….I have come to realize in my own writings around fictional magick that the path of the witches in the novel is very grey witchcraft. So a character revision is in some serious planning now. “You cannot heal unless you can throw a curse.” Maryjane will take a dark trip toward the end gaining power untold. Also thinking about completely killing Glinda off like my initial idea was…decisions decisions.

rd sorceress                   mj


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