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Sample poem from my poetry book

Deaf Ears

The field is empty and cold
I sit at your feet with my heart heavier than ever
I speak to you as the wind blows past my face
The cold air burning my face
Tears stream down
As I plead with you for an answer
An answer to everything that holds me back
Your response falls silent to my deaf ears
I desperately need to hear your voice
To hear your words of wisdom and truth
Your silent response echoes deep within my heart
The tears stream down as I beg with you
I need your answer to move on
I need your answer to continue on throughout life
I cannot look up from where I sit
I stare at the flowers I have brought you
A gift from my heart
O how you loved your flowers
The warm smell of beautiful notes
That fill the empty voids of space
I close my eyes and rock back and forth
Wanting to hear you say the words
Wanting to hear your voice
The voice of reason
The voice of love
But yet again the sound of your voice falls on my deaf ears
I wipe away the tears that have betrayed my mind
I promised to be strong
I promised to not cry
I promised that I would take each word to heart
But the words are silent
I stand from your feet and open my eyes
The light from the sun is blinding as it bounces from your reflective emanation
I reach out to touch your face
But I keep reaching on
I fall to my knees in despair
Grasping your flowers tight in my hands
Why won’t you listen to my pleading heart?
Why won’t you answer me back when I ask?
Why didn’t you stay with me forever?
Just as you promised you would
Why did you leave me torn into pieces?
I should be whole
I should be happy
But I’m not
You left me without letting me know why
I demand to know why!
But your answer still falls on my deaf ears.
I walk from your feet
To the reflecting light bouncing in my eyes
I walk closer to your heart
And I lay down your flowers right there
On the mound of dirt
In this freezing February air

Copyright Kasey Hill “In the Shadows of my Heart: Winter’s Darkest Hour” June 7, 2015


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