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Final decisions

Well, I’m to Chapter 17/21 with my edits and revisions to Wastelands of Oz. I have finalized decisions on the outcome of some main characters and included the thoughts of my MC’s power gain. Once I finish this round of edits and revisions, I’m slipping the manuscript to beta readers!! I need some constructive criticism. However, in one of my writing groups on Facebook, it says for fantasy novels they have to be at 80,000+ words. At the moment, my novel resides at 55,000 words. I honestly do not know if I can pull another 25,000 words out of my a**. Once I add in the extra scenes and finish the revisions and detail add ins, I should be right around 60,000. My novel flows over into separate genres though. Dark Fantasy and Young Adult (I’d say 15+) It can be marketed to adults especially those who loved the original. I’m just lost as to what to do once everything is finished. Should I try to pound out an additional 25,000 words or just hope for the best with what I have?? *sigh*


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