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Helping those in need is more important than the money


“When in need, a hand is all one needs.”

So I submitted my first press release to some local newspapers and Roanoke Times editor was one of them that picked up the release. I emailed them today speaking of the second book published and they are merging it with the first one. I can’t wait to see the release in the newspaper lol I’m thinking of ordering a bunch of copies of both of the poetry books and doing some book signings at the library in the town I grew up in. Also thinking of going to Barnes and Nobles in Roanoke, VA to do a signing. It just depends on my finances. If I bought the number of copies I want to buy and sell them all I would be happy lol.

As of right now I have both books up on separate facebook pages with their own show now buttons that take you directly to the createspace estore for easier access of purchase. Also up on my main author page.






New Image2

I strive everyday to help others in this world. Its not about making the money. If I sell books, it means I’m helping the ones who purchased the copy. Money doesn’t make my world go round, happiness of others do. I really hope my books can reach through to others  in their time of need. Instead of committing suicide, read one of my prose. Instead of crying your eyes out, read one of my songs and create your own tune in your head for it. This will get you through the days. I hope one day I can be recognized as a helper or as a guide for everyone in need.

Stay tuned for more information on the releases of these books and the more to come in the future!! Book three is rolling around in my head!


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