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Second poetry book published paperback!!

Well, I finally broke down and did a paperback publishing route to my second poetry book “Dreams of a Broken Soul: Life through A Teenager’s Eyes.” After publishing the first one, I became so excited I HAD to do the second one lol You can buy your copy either on my estore https://www.createspace.com/5551885

For those of you wanting an autographed copy, message me and place your order through me, same price plus shipping as stated on the websites. I will order, autograph, and ship to you with no additional cost for autographs ❤

Here is my formal Press Release!


Contact: Kasey Hill’s staff
Book Name: Dreams of a Broken Soul: Life through a Teenager’s Eyes
Company: Createspace
Email Address: kaseyhill02242012@gmail.com
Web site address: https://www.createspace.com/5551885


KASEY HILL has been writing poetry, fiction, and nonfiction for years. She finally took the initiative to have one of books of poetry published this year. Satisfied with her work, she set out to publish her second poetry book that includes all of the lyrics she wrote between the ages 13 and 21.

Kasey’s poetry book, “Dreams of a Broken Soul: Life through a Teenager’s Eyes,” was released June 11, 2015 to the public via paperback publishing. The book reflects upon her writing from her school age days. Dreams of a Broken Soul is full of lyrics that she wrote from age 13-21 in hopes of landing a hit song. One song is currently demoed through Nashville, but has yet to receive a pull from the list. She decided to turn her lyrics into an anthology for easier access for those seeking her talents and skills. Most of the lyrics are reflections of her thoughts in school and some are the thoughts of people around her.

“I wrote my problems out in school. Whether it was a song, a poem, or a short story, writing has always been my expression of inner thoughts and feelings. I hope one day it will help the masses like it helped me” – Kasey Hill
She strives every day to help those that don’t fit into what society believes they should. The lives of teenagers is getting more and more, rough to accommodate to. The lines of beauty and hip are becoming more and more strenuous to achieve. This book of lyrics shows a side that every teenager wishes to express but is afraid to tell their inner secret.
For more information, contact Kasey Hill at (434) 259-0546 or visit her websites at:

Press Contact:
Contact Name: Kasey Hill
Company Name: Createspace
Phone Number: 434-259-0546
Email Address:kaseyhill02242012@gmail.com

Company legal statement Dreams of a Broken Soul: Life through a Teenager’s Eyes is not to be published without company knowledge.



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