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The census is in….I’M CRAZY!!!

I’ve never been one to gossip or to talk back to people about their beliefs. But when you badger me on my own post on Facebook and then tell me you don’t want to argue about it, I’m going to fucking argue back! I write Wicca books, don’t bible thump me because you wanted to put your two sense on one of my shared posts! And then, because I have defended MY claims, bring up stupid family drama! I don’t give a rats ass if my husband’s family doesn’t like me. I could care LESS! But, you think I’m crazy because I don’t want to follow the beliefs of the bible, after spending 14 years picking it apart, and going through other religions to write my own shit, well my friend, the joke is on you. PRAY ON FOR MY SALVATION! Since I know not what I do! *rolls eyes* Instead of spreading your dogma around on my fucking Facebook, how about you do it on your own and there won’t be any issues. I was happy going along posting my OWN opinions. When you comment with your opinion and I give a knowledgeable, book worthy answer, and you get mad, don’t fucking boohoo and cry and throw a bible at me. I don’t need saving. My soul is right where I want it to be! I have gotten myself along fine so far believing in what I do, just because you don’t think its the right way, doesn’t mean its not MY RIGHT WAY. Then to drag my kids into it feeling sorry for them because of my beliefs. My kids can believe what the hell ever they want. But I’m not forcing dogma down their throats like most parents do. I don’t force them to church or force them into my ceremonies. My kids are fine. Bringing family into a religious debate is soooo overrated! Telling me to ask myself if I am a good mother. My kids are fed, clothes, with a roof over their heads and I am here everyday with them. Where were you the 15 years you were locked up in prison because you chose a man over your own fucking kid, chose drugs over him! i’M DOING ME! My life has nothing to do with you! Choke on my broom handle and die! Rant over! #BYEFELICIA


One comment on “The census is in….I’M CRAZY!!!

  1. John T. M. Herres
    June 14, 2017

    I have taken most of my family members (mainly on my mother’s side) off my Facebook “friend” list for much the same reasons. I cannot stand when religious… oh, excuse me, “spiritual” people try to tell me what I should believe.


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