Kasey Hill – Author & Poet

Writing One Page at a Time

Poetry: Insanity Ensues

The loneliness of despair

The solitude of grief

The depressive state of being

Pushing forth through the masses unnoticed


Intolerant views of words

Speaking the truth to deaf ears of the wise

Only to be burdened with ties of lies

The heart in truth does not lie

The words of truth are not lies

The lies are the form of evil and deception

Where in a soul that’s pure and light

Do not exist on the tongue

Insanity ensues as the solitude grows

Not insanity from an illness

But insanity from seclusion and hermitage

Walking the path of innocence and truth

Leads to words being rebuked and shunned

No longer feeling the last grasp of happiness

The veins bleed in pure bliss

The freedom of death knocking at the bathroom door

What does my heart yearn for more

To live or to die

To exist or to rise

The evolutionary trials of man’s hate

Echo through my mind’s eye

I know now what my fate shall be

But it only exists in infinity


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