Kasey Hill – Author & Poet

Writing One Page at a Time

Poetry: Putrid Waters

I’m drowning again

I’m suffocating, choking on the putrid waters

Each arm stroke is weighted down with another rope

The ropes of regret. Of remorse, of fear

Bottle after bottle, I drown myself’ in fake bliss

Hoping the bottle will float me along the ocean of despair

I never reach the shoreline I never catch a breath of air

I skim the surface gasping only the reef of solitude

People fill the waters but not hand do I know

Not a hand reaches for me

I silently bob in between life and death

The darkness of life the darkness of chains

The chaos of my own mind

As I sit in my chair, in a world full of people

Who know not how to save,

But how to drown my sorrows away

And hide them from the light

Pushing them further into my deep seated fear

Pushing them out in streaming tears

Will I save myself?

From this pain and agony, from this lifeless world

That bubbles me in a barrier of silence

A barrier that no one can or wants to break

A barrier of painful solitude

That in my ear, whispers away


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