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Beta Readers

So, I’m freaking. I let an admin of a facebook writing group beta read my novel for plot holes. She had some discrepancies with someone harassing her on facebook so she left the group. Understandable. NOW I’M BLOCKED. She has my novel file and I’m soooooo frustrated because I can’t contact her. I have no clue as to why she blocked me we weren’t even friends on facebook. I know everyone says writers don’t steal other writer’s work but that was my one fear when I started beta testing and now this has happened. I’m at a loss for words and the current admin who she did not block is finding out from her what is going on. I hate the idea of my novel being out there with someone I can’t contact about it. This sucks ass and is making me even more mindful of those I let beta read. She is a published author and in a lot of literary magazines as well as others. I feel soooo lost on what to do if she doesn’t respond back. It was suggested to copyright it but its not in its finished form. My beta readers were looking fro plot holes to fix. I feel like crawling in a hole now. On a positive note the original creation date of my novel is still on my hard drive. I guess I will see how this pans out.

I guess my caution to most authors is to get to know your beta readers before letting someone beta read. I assumed this wouldn’t happen since she was admin of the writing group. *sigh* Only time will tell.


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