Kasey Hill – Author & Poet

Writing One Page at a Time

Wake up world

How I wish I could go back

Back to the days when things were simple

The golden years of childhood

When I would pick the dandelion furs

And truly believed my wish would come true

When I would blow them all from the flower head

Back to the days of hopscotch and four square

Not a care in the world

A worry free time

The only troubles that bothered me were the impending whippings from acting out

The only worries that ran through my mind

Were if it was going to rain on a summer day

Or if my favorite ice cream had been demolished

Back to the days of happiness and smiles

Where everything delighted my heart

And nothing could bring my dreams down

Oh to go back to the days of bliss and carelessness

Where mistakes made didn’t come at such a high cost

Where family meant together forever

Oh to go back to the days of barrettes and braids

The beautiful strands of hair woven together so gently, so preciously by my mother

Those were the days of smiles and not tears

Of hopes and not fears

Of goals and not obstacles

Of triumphs and not troubles

Those were the days of my young life

Of my early childhood

So much simpler than now

Scraping by day to day

Wondering where my next meal might come from

What house I’m going to float to to stay

Oh how I wish to go back to those days

But what adulthood has taught me

Wishes are for children

Hopes are for optimists

Goals are for the overly ambitious

And triumph is only for those who have it handed to them

Real adults never know what its like

To be happy like they were as kids

Real adults live in the real world

Not the reality our immature minds created as an illusion

A delusion

To make it through this world called Life

Wake up world

This is life!


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