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Transplanal Disposition (yes I made that term up lmao)

When the erroneous and exponential trials of man presents itself to a person, said person begins to contemplate the origins of the universe. Not whether God exists or not but if life continues on after death. To the living surrounding the deceased, the answer is evident, that it does in fact go on as we continue to breathe and function without said deceased. However, when you separate time and space from the equation, one finds that those left behind were left in death, and one who died continues to live on. In the earthly plane, once said person is born they are inevidently born into death for that is the foreshadowed outcome of the future. Once said person’s life leaves the corporeal body, said person finds themselves existing in a different way on a different plane. In simpler terms, you leave one reality (realm/dimension) for another. Transplanal disposition is the correct term of usage when formulating this hypothesis. Just as ascended masters aren’t “dead,” those who die really aren’t dead either. Breaking it down into actual dimensions, there are six dimensions with the human bodied beings existing in the 3rd dimension. Those dimensions existing over six are called the spiritual realms/dimensions (9th being the existence of Extra terrestrials concluding some hypothesis of the alien-angel nature). Without leaping into dimensional and planar break down, one can conclude that just because the breath of life ceases to rise in one’s lungs does not mean said deceased is dead, but,, however, existing and vibrating on a higher level of consciousness and dimension. The ones living and breathing are those that are in fact “dead.”


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