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Who would buy my books first?

I always thought once I published, my family would be the first to buy copies…I was wrong. My sister purchased the ebook formats (and supplied my laptop chargers when they broke), but aside from that, not a single one of them bought my book. I have sold more books to people I have never met, never will meet, but none to my family. Its kind of heart breaking =/ My mom would have told everyone to buy a copy, I’m FAMOUS now…but my mom died in 2009, long ago…I miss her support, the only true support I ever had and ever will have from my blood family. My husband bought the first copy of my first paperback published book ❤ I know who loves me and cares for me now…
My fans love me and I know they are awaiting the release of my first novel. I do this for my kids…so they will know their mother tried to do something for their future…I'm enough for them and I guess that's all that matters right now. I enjoy writing and the two paired with each other gives me the drive to go forward even as little support shows up at the door. So I go forward in the New Year with my head held high knowing that my little family I started and strangers from around the world will be there to support my achievements when this book makes it through press at a publishing company.


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