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Writing One Page at a Time

Limit on writing?

Say you started writing…and I just don’t mean here and there, I mean you wrote a masterpiece in 2 weeks. All of these ideas start filling your head so you jot them down. Another masterpiece hits you and in 5 days you have written a 60k manuscript. Both finished masterpieces are to be series books. You get 30k into both series sequels when suddenly, your brain quits. Its been exactly a year since you wrote your first novel. You sit and stare at your laptop wanting to write but your brain too tired to think of anything to type. Its not writer’s block per se because the story is there to be finished. Its lazy brain because your brain just won’t let you write what it needs to write. Then it dawns on you…what if you were only given this gift for a year. The year is up and all you have is 2 books that belong in series and the series are no where near complete and you have no will power to right. The writing muse is gone forever and your gift was taken with it. Your one chance at fame now gone…lost in the silent echoes of your mind.
You know you have some creativity, some brain activity because you sit here typing out this interesting blog analysis. But, the gift of spinning the stories do not come to your fingertips. Its not writer’s block. You’re writing. Your brain just throws up a haze when you think of the sequels. Your brain is on vacation while you are still left on the dock of the yacht.
You feel like you will be forever a two hit wonder because you could never finish the other books, only talk about how they would have ended great. You miss your chance at fame and fortune, movies, tv series, all because your brain left you on the dock and never came back from Haiti. Damn brain…always thinking for itself.


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