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Publishing anxiety…

I think I have realized what it is that has me all worked up and not able to write. It all pinpoints back to the day I signed my contract for my agent to start submitting Wastelands of Oz for publication. I have publishing anxiety. I myself have never heard of it mentioned before, but I know this is what I have. I live, think, and breathe everyday about my book finding the right publisher or the publisher I want. If not the one I want, I want to find one that doesn’t POD and it will be on a shelf. Then I have people finding awesome companies that pay awesome rates that turn out to be POD companies and it bums me completely out!
I know I’m sitting on a gold mine with my writing. I’m that confident. But my anxiety comes from the what ifs. What if no one good wants to publish it? What if I waste a year trying to get it published and end up self publishing in the end? What if the writing was just a waste of my time even though everyone tells me how much they love the beta read of it. These are the things that swirl around in my head giving me publishing anxiety. This is why I can’t write right now. I now know why, now how to fix it….


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