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Finished editing….not!

So, with edits in hand, I thought I had completed Firefly of Immortality, book one of the Guardians of Light series. This was right around September, Octoberish. Well here it is January, the book seems foreign to me, so I opened up the book to read. I hated it! The beginning sucked ass! So, I rewrote the beginning once more. I feel like it opens better and transitions more smoothly than it did before. The first chapter was the only one I had a bog hang up on and I now feel satisfied that its worth working with.

I submitted my query for this book to both Harken Media and to Rambunctious Ramblings. I have been “patiently” awaiting news from either company (really I’m dying on the inside lol!) So, I have been hodge-podging around on different novels and even started yet another novel and two short stories. My brain is evil and demented and hates me lol I submitted my romance short story to a contest, started a novel about Death, the harbinger of souls, and another short story that I don’t know where its going. We will see =]



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