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Author Spotlight- Stephen Helmes

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Stephen Helmes

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Stephen Helmes was born in the same city in which he lives today, Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia. Stephen started writing in 2001, but there was no plan to go professional. It started with a nightmare. He woke in a cold sweat and knew that if he went back to sleep the dream would be forgotten. So he got up and started writing it down while the images were still vivid in his mind. It didn’t take long to realize that he enjoyed this style of writing, and things grew from there. Stephen isn’t only an author, but a musician as well. He is one of the founding members of the Rock band, House of Flies. They are known for playing venues from Atlanta, GA areas up to Chattanooga, TN areas.


nightly visits

Nightly Visits

“Everyone has a phobia. Some are afraid of heights while others are afraid of the dark. Many are afraid of snakes and spiders and for some it’s the boogie man. But one thing that we all share in common is our dreams. Can you control them? Dreams have a way of seeking out your deepest fears and taking you on a virtual reality trip to places you’d never go when you’re awake. A nightmare may send you driving straight into a tornado, or walking into a dark room when you know a red-eyed monster is waiting behind the door. But dreams can also tell you stories of love, wit and treasures. You can wake laughing, crying, or screaming, because your dreams know who you are and they know how to attack. That’s not what Nightly Visits is about. THAT’S WHAT NIGHTLY VISITS IS!”

Five Spine-tingling tails

Glasswalker: Krista wants to get back on her boss’ good side, but in order to do that she has a long way to go in a very short length of time. She soon finds out, in this nightmarish tale, that the highway has more in store for her than orange cones and dotted lines.

Little Red Socks: With a tight-fisted boss, uncivil coworkers and a husband that don’t show the respect she deserves, Marie finds a tiny friend with a bigger heart than any human she’s ever met, in this witty, heart clinching fantasy.

The Witches’ Post: A young writer for The Daily Planner, thinks of himself as being awkward, but in the midst of his loneliness, he meets the woman of his dreams; or maybe she was born in his nightmares.

Indwellers: Something’s happening in the city of St. Clair; something terrible. Charles takes notice to these subtle, yet horrifying, changes and comes up with a plan to protect his family from the darkness that is overtaking the city. But is it too late?

Earl: A drifter with a chip on his shoulder and a knife in his pocket. Pray that you don’t cross his path

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