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Short story accepted for publication!!

Excited it just dawned on me that my short story I submitted to an anthology was accepted for publication. The publisher made a list of received pieces for publication and mine was on the list and it just hit me!! So excited for it.  Now I have to do the follow up for the short story for the next anthology (its seasonal and as long as yours takes place during the season its acceptable for review) The Aint Peachy Chronicles. The one accepted was Sycamore Holler Retreat

I’m originally from West Virginia and there is an urban legend about a woman they called Aint (its how they pronounce Aunt) Peachy who was dubbed as a witch.Many stories circulate as to how she died (decapitation, hanging etc) I’m breaking it up into the four seasons and maybe even assimilating it to the Wiccan Wheel of the Year


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