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Author Spotlight- Bradley Simpson

bradley simpson

Bradley Simpson

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Bradley Simpson is a wildly creative individual deeply devoted to storytelling. Roleplaying has been his life’s blood, and brings a lovely spin to the fantasy genre. He lives in a frozen nook of North Branch, Michigan happily with his wife and son where he use to work for an electronic manufacturer until family became his number one priority.


rose of tolarius

An Orcish Dream

An elf prince slays an orc king and becomes cursed to transform into what he hates the most for all eternity: an orc. Now many centuries later, he has at last discovered true love. However, no one said the path to true happiness was an easy one…

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Dreamsbane of Tamalor

Dreamsbane of Tamalor is a light fantasy tale that pits brave adventurers against the evil darkness that threatens to engulf the world.

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dreamsbane of tamalor reviews.jpg

Rose of Tolarius

Dwynwen of House Breoch was a weaver and a slave, but she was about to find her life turned upside down. The depths of caring and danger would plunge her quiet wold of tending for her mistress into utter turmoil. Will she lose herself to the madness or emerge triumphant?

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rose of tolarius review


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