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Author Spotlight- David Michael Guddy Jr.

david guddy

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David Michael Guddy Jr was born in Fairview, Ohio(1968) He went to school at Heritage Christian School. He always wanted to write, in 2009 he released a book of poems titled “Matters of the Heart”. He enjoys writing poetry, but he loves writing about the Paranormal. My latest book “A Guest in My House” is a story based on true stories. In this book they interview spirits that have passed on, finding out what lies ahead.



David M. Guddy Jr.’s new book “A Guest In My House” is the author’s personal account of dealing with both good and evil spirit Recent release “A Guest In My House” from Page Publishing author David M. Guddy Jr. is an enlightening work delving into the world of the unknown and 6 makes the reader ponder if there is a life after death.

David M. Guddy Jr., a Christian, devoted writer and author, has completed his second book “A Guest In My House”: a gripping and potent tale of ghosts, evil 10 spirits, and spiritual communication.

“I think we must know and believe that we are surrounded by spirits, angels, and demons, and if we watch and listen, we are able to hear or see evidence of them,” said author David M. Guddy Jr.

Published by New York City-based Page Publishing, David M. Guddy’s chilling tale tells the true story of communication with those who have passed.

“A Guest in my House, this title is about having a guest or ghost-spirit in your house with you. It may take some time to figure this out, as you hear voices from nowhere, or see shadows lurking around with no explanation, maybe there are spirits that didn’t cross over or lost. In this book many questions will be answered. What happens the moment we die? Is there a light? Are angels and demons real? Is Lucifer real, can he appear? Of the guests that were in my house, I have collected their stories all of over 70 spirits, explaining exactly how they died and their personal experience, age, name, and year that they passed on. I also interviewed demons, angels, and yes, Lucifer, all real true stories, that I am sure you would love to read. This is a must read book that you just can’t avoid to pick up,” said author David M. Guddy Jr.

Readers who wish to experience this edifying work can purchase “A Guest In My House” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

For additional information or media inquiries, contact Page Publishing at 866- 315-2708.

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