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Author Spotlight- Bonnie Price


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Bonnie Lynne Price is an author and artist. She is the author behind “Of Astral and Umbral”. Bonnie has been writing and drawing since 2002. Following in her mother’s artistic footsteps as well as creative writing, Bonnie Price has been making a name for herself as she releases chapter by chapter of her novel (an enticing and compelling read).


Synopsis: In a world ruled by the gods and plagued by monstrosities known as Chaos Beasts, the Beshulthien and Vorpmasian Empires have set aside their past grudges in order to form a tentative alliance so that their people may unite to protect Avrirsa from the Exiled Gods and their monstrous pets.

Meanwhile, the Middle and Upper Gods have begun seeking out mortal playthings instead of attending to their responsibilities. A new caretaker must arise to help keep order in Avrirsa.

Will the Empires be able to maintain their shaky alliance? Will the gods return to their given duties? Or will the reemergence of a forgotten nation turn everything on its head?

To read the story follow these available links and leave her a review:

Royal Road Site    The Novel Page Site

or visit her website listed above above

of astral and umbral review


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