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Late night political stance ramble

This is a controversial topic that some disagree and some agree. These are my beliefs on the stance. Please be nice comments will be deleted if derogatory. Please keep the debate clean.


I believe the death penalty is murder. I personally am pro-choice, however, I myself would never have an abortion. I have had 3 miscarriages, so the thought of aborting a child doesn’t sit well with my conscience, but we are not entitled to determining what is best for other people. What another person does with their body shouldn’t be taken past their own privacy. Do you want to know every time someone masterbates and kills a potential child that they ejaculate? Men commit abortion all the time but no one says anything as to that. If you would want abortion to be overturned, then any masterbratory emission men make would be abortion as well for they killed the sperm that could have been a baby. Or every egg you pass during menstruation could be deemed an abortion because you didn’t properly fertilize it. Do you want people digging that deep into your life and the government watching your every move to see if you are buying pads etc. No because its your own private matter, which is the same for women who have abortions. Abortion clinics were made legal for the simple fact that women took the matters into their own hands and were ramming clothes hangers into themselves to puncture the placenta. Every woman has her own reason as to why she wants or NEEDS an abortion. The 12 year old who is raped by a man should have the right to an abortion. The mother who is dying from the fetus implanting at 4 weeks should have the right to abortion. People claim “adoption” but look at adoption statistics. There are more children in foster homes than what there are in regular homes. Children who went in after birth and were never adopted and released from the home at age 18. Adoption is not flourishing in America because of “home values.” People decide to have their own children. If they can’t, they opt for a baby, go through the entire process, find out they are pregnant and decide to not take the baby which is put in an adoption agency with no guarantee of parents. A lot of kids who spend their entire lives in a foster home come out messed up in the end, some turn into pedophiles, some murderers, and when they in fact do these things to society “Kill them by the death penalty” when in the beginning it could have all been handled through an abortion. Once you start taking rights away from people, we are no longer free or the USA but other countries that everyone frowns upon. First is human rights, then freedom to speech, and then your rolly holy beliefs go out the door and religion is banned in totality in the USA. Think before you want to take rights away from someone because in the end, when the USA takes your rights of something you hold dear, you will wish you never spoke up to begin with.


2 comments on “Late night political stance ramble

  1. Dawn Lajeunesse
    February 24, 2016

    Quite a rant – and a brave one, given the strong feelings on both sides. I’m with you, for the most part. I do believe the death penalty is murder – and frankly think it is better punishment to keep a person in prison for the rest of their lives. I don’t get how the same people who are opposed to scraping a collection of cells out of a woman’s uterus (aka abortion) often are the ones who support the death penalty. Seems ironic to me. As for abortion, I do set limits in my mind. Women are able to determine they are pregnant within days of a sexual encounter. Any fertilization and resulting creation of multiplying cells early on is just that – a bunch of multiplying cells that may or may not be viable and definitely couldn’t survive outside of the womb. Here’s my limitation: if a woman has any doubts about wanting to have a baby, those first few weeks and months (up to 3) are when that decision should be made. There’s no excuse for putting it off beyond then. Beyond then, that “bunch of cells” evolves to an increasingly human-like being, complete with a heart beat. You go that far, in my book, you’re at the point of no return. After that, it’s a real baby.

    Just because it’s legal, doesn’t mean anyone is obligated to participate. It’s one of those glorious freedoms we are afforded in America. Much like owning guns or leading protests.

    The day men become physically capable of bearing children, that’s the day when they should have any say in the legality of abortion or how women’s health services should be provided.

    And the subject of abortion leads naturally, these days, to Planned Parenthood. Ninety-five percent of PP activities have nothing to do with abortions. Yet the ultra-conservatives want to cut off these family planning and women’s health options because PP does perform abortions. So don’t fund the abortion services already! Don’t take away the other services that meet the needs of young and/or indigent individuals. And don’t try to tell me they can get those services elsewhere, because I will bore you by quoting statistics about the lack of availability of free or sliding fee clinics, particularly outside of major cities. Defunding Planned Parenthood is akin to throwing the baby out with the bathwater. They provide cancer screening, HIV and STD testing and treatment, support services, in addition to providing an array of birth control options.

    A vote this year for an ultra-conservative will set women’s rights and freedoms back sixty years or more.

    And that’s the end of my political ramble response!

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    • Kasey Hill
      February 24, 2016

      It is always nice to meet like minded individuals who not only have a strong opinion, but statistically backed as well from research. Thank you for your response! I RARELY every post political views because more times than not they get out of control.


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