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Book Review: A Walk in His Shoes- Dustin John


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Book Blurb: “This addiction memoir is a uniquely written powerhouse! The first and only book of its kind to be told by both father and son – in consecutive chapters – in one masterful publication. Dustin’s slow decent into the underground world of drugs goes unnoticed by his family until it was too late. This book lays out all the mistakes made by the family members and how to avoid the same disastrous mistakes. As Dustin plummets into the bowels of malfeasance, he is haunted by a young boy in a mask. He tries escaping his demons by traveling across the western states but instead of finding freedom, his addiction cascades into corruption, deceit, and evil abduction. His only way out is to do the unthinkable.”

My Review:

As I sat and read this book, within the first few pages I was crying. It’s hard coping with addictions, and heroin is the hardest of them all. I have been witness to many drug addictions in my life with people I have personally known or cared for. This memoir was the perfect example of how their day to day life felt. It is a great insight into the minds of those who dealt with the beast of addiction. I often read where his parents mocked their own “Stupidity” but in reality, I never once thought they were stupid for trying to help their son cope with what he was going through. I can understand the frustrations they went through each time he fell back out of sobriety, but I never once though condemning thoughts considering they did all of this out of love. Dustin’s life during his 20’s was hard, and I can only imagine if it had been me in his shoes. Every person’s worst fear is failing your parents after you become an adult. Not only was that his deep dark emotion, but the multiple failures that made him feel worthless throughout the years spiraled him further into his drug addiction. I give this book a 5 star rating, but only because that’s how many you are allowed. It takes courage and discipline to go through what he did and then tell the world about how his life went down the rabbit hole. The book was a complete roller coaster of emotions, and I cried along with his family whenever he slipped up again. I felt like I was right there beside him trying to speak reason to him, “Please, not again!” I hope those of you who read this understand what addiction really is. It isn’t something that can be controlled or tempered. It is a disease of the brain that needs to be dealt with. Whether it is dealt with love or tough love, never give up on the people you love who have any type of addiction! Thank you Dustin for penning this memoir! I hope everyone in the world finds it and reads it! Especially those who need the guidance…


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