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Author Spotlight- C.A. Bell


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C.A.Bell was born and raised on the outskirts of London, England, but for the past three years has resided in a much more rural town of Shropshire, where she married and made a home.

She is author to many erotic fiction stories, including The Architect, Never Say Goodbye (Nancy’s Curse Book1), Reverend James Ashworth, You Get What You Pay For, Seducing the Jury, and many more. As well as writing her own books, contributing to anthologies and online magazines, she also writes poetry and has a collection of her own entitled BDSM.

Currently she is working on the follow-on book to The Architect, book two of Nancy’s curse, and a novel which she started a while ago.

In-between writing and running a busy household C.A.Bell also promotes other erotic authors on her site, Bell, Book and Erotica.

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#34 on Paranormal charts 3-19-2016

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