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Author Spotlight- EC Jarvis

ec jarvis

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Professional bean counter
Semi-professional word spewer
Once got the two confused – it was not pretty
Born, raised, and currently living in England

Current Publications


The Machine: Book 1 Blood and Destiny Series

the machine

Larissa Markus is a humble clerk in a clothing shop with a hidden past when she is swept off her feet by the charismatic Professor. Their whirlwind romance explodes in her face and leads her down a tumultuous path of adventure, intrigue, love and violence. Airships, pirates, corsets, torture, murder, and more await in the first novel of the Blood and Destiny Series from E.C. Jarvis. The Machine is an adult steampunk fantasy book. Possible triggers are present within the book including but not limited to sex, murder, torture, and violence.

Purchase Here: Amazon

ec jarvis reviews

The Pirate: Book 2 Blood and Destiny Series (new release!!)

12660272_10153469839760857_1435614380_n (1).jpg


Larissa’s new role as Captain of a pirate airship was never going to be simple. The mess of events that lead to her change of career don’t seem to be abating. Can she convince her crew to stick around through all the unusual and dangerous events? Or will she succumb to the mounting pressure and grief that others impose on her at every turn? The unravelling mysteries from her past mingle perilously with airships, fights, and explosions galore.

The Pirate is book 2 of the Blood and Destiny Series, following on directly from the events of The Machine.

Purchase Here: Amazon

Future release – The War, Book three of the Blood and Destiny Series

Future release – The Destiny, Book four of the Blood and Destiny Series

Desire and Duty: Book 1 The Consort’s Chronicles


Set in a fantasy world, Desire and Duty is the first erotic romance in The Consort’s Chronicles series.

The Emperor of Kienia is expecting his wife to provide him with a son. After twelve months of waiting, he’s growing impatient and Lenora realises her life may be forfeit if she can’t make good on her purpose. What follows is a tale of passion, intrigue, and sexual awakening.

In a world dominated by men, where a woman has only her body and her wits to rely on, Lenora will risk everything to protect her position and survive.

Purchase Here: Amazon

amazon review desire and duty


Coming soon – Lust and Lies, Book two of the Consort’s Chronicles Series


I will be doing a book review on both The Machine and The Pirate in the next month! Stay tuned! Yes, this is a redo author spotlight as the author has new books released.


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