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Author Spotlight- C.C. Wolfe

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CC Wolfe is an author, wife and mother. She writes under her pen name of CC Wolfe because honestly she lives in a small area in South Carolina where people don’t accept easily a paranormal erotica romance author without judgment. So to protect her family she uses her pen name, CC Wolfe. She has also been published under her real name where she writes and illustrates children’s books and under her spirit name where she has pagan oriented works. She even published a natural health magazine for a short while.  CC has written since a very early age, took a while for her grammar to catch up to her literary content, but with a teaching degree, that improved immensely.

CC Wolfe loves to write, in her words, “Writing is a release, a passion, a catharsis! When I write something, no matter book, poem, blog, and I look back on it and re-read it… it is almost as if someone else wrote it, like a different person lives in side of me and writes! But I know it was me that wrote it, the best part of me! The writer.”

Her books have a paranormal twist with strong heroines and heroes and an engaging story-line. She believes ever story should have a great story line, and have more than one amazing character to fall in love with when you read! Real love never comes easy! Her sex/relationship blog is straight forward and honest and tastefully done. Her poetry is straight from the heart on a variety of topics. She is working on becoming a freelance writer as well as establishing herself as an author that you want to read her books over and over and new books as soon as they are released!


Book One of the series, Vampire Sex; discover the hot sensuality of Devin, a purely erotic vampire male that knows how to satisfy any lover, male or female beyond their wildest wet dreams. He also knows how to protect his kind from those that would harm them. Can anyone truly tame Devin? Maybe it will take a witch that can put him under her spell? If only he can make the soul connection, because the little hot witch is not up for just a roll in the hay, she wants the real deal or nothing at all. See who saves whom in this intriguing tale. Find the steamy answers in this sultry tale and discover what vampire sex is all about. Discover if real love can span lifetimes and survive even death!

Purchase Here: Amazon Kindle   Purchase Here: Paperback


One comment on “Author Spotlight- C.C. Wolfe

  1. L.K. Scott
    March 23, 2016

    That is a badass cover. Great article!

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