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Writing Characters Who Move Through Space and Time

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Dreadful Notions

Beginner horror writers often make the mistake that what matters in their stories is big emotions, exciting ideas, and spine-tingling plots. Emotions, ideas, and plots are needed, but those aspects can only reach the reader so far. A writer needs to remember the humble work of creating the brick and mortar of a fictional world. This is part of the show, don’t tell mantra that all horror fiction writers must abide.

A world is made of buildings, roads, trees, people, weather. A world is made of tangible objects that you can see, touch, taste, smell, and hear. Crows screeching in the trees above, the taste of clove on your tongue from the cup of cider warming your hands, air spiced with decaying leaves, and across the street children with knives carve toothless grins into autumn gourds.

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