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A Letter to Amazon

Dear Amazon,

I am an indie author. I hardly make any money at all from sales. I work my ass off to ensure my books are seen by the public. I have NEVER solicited a review from someone so why do you keep removing my reviews?! You have this new rule where if you are friends or family members that you can’t leave reviews. It even gets to the point where followers, fans of authors who have been graciously accepted as a friend by the author cannot leave their opinion on the written work that drew them into that author. Why do you find it necessary to remove reviews? Your friends and family are your hardest critics. So if there is a 3 star review by them, you can bet your ass they meant it. How are we expected to excel at this thing called writing and publishing if you keep putting us down and removing what would help someone decide to buy our book or not. If Stephen King, EL James, Anne Rice, Stephanie Meyer,  and all of these other big named authors can have their fans leave reviews, then us little authors should be able to as well. Stop censoring us! Stop discriminating against us! We deserve every review our fans leave. We worked hard to give them the book! Let them leave their opinion about the book in their own words.

One day, there will be a platform out better than you, and you will lose so much business from the little guys. You can bet your ass I will be one of them.


A pissed off author

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This entry was posted on June 14, 2017 by in Writing.
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