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Are You Doing ARCs Wrong?

Are you doing ARCs wrong?

There has been an onslaught of beta reading teams formed in the Indie community where the authors have formed groups of people to read and review their books prior to release. This is an excellent marketing strategy if the author truly knows what they are doing. Prior to Indie beta teams, ARC copies of books, which are called Advanced Reading Copies, were sent to magazines or fellow authors to get editorial reviews prior to the book release to hype up promotional marketing interest. Many traditional publishers required their authors to obtain editorial reviews on their releases prior to release, and they would use their author paperback copies to do this. This meant the person receiving the book was receiving a fully edited book, a finished product. This is where the Indie community has become sloppy. The ARCs that are sent out, no matter if they are fan readers or a fellow author, should be final products and be well in advance prior to publication. This is to give your reader time to read and leave them ample enough time to give you feedback on your book prior to release in case there ARE any issues. Your ARC reviewers should not be proofreading your books. You should be paying people to do that. There shouldn’t be any ARCs out there that you wouldn’t sell on Amazon. Would you send your unedited ARC to New York Times newspaper for them to read and review? No! So don’t send them out to your beta team to read and review just because they are getting it for free. If they are true fans, they will purchase it when it releases. Either way, they are boosting your sales by reviewing your book. There shouldn’t be an excuse to a bad review for editing saying well it was an ARC they reviewed. What if it had been someone who writes for a magazine unbeknownst to you? You could get a bad reputation as an author for doing that. Treat everyone you come into contact with as a business associate when it comes to materials you send out that have your name attached or is your work to be published. You never know who is a silent publisher, magazine editor, or film director. If you’re going to Indie publish, do it right. Do it like the traditionals do it.

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