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Kasey Hill has lived in Franklin County, VA for most of her adult life. Spending two years in journalism in high school, and a few articles published in the Franklin News Post, she built much of her young adult life around reading and writing. After being from the craft for a few years, she decided to get back into the creative writing flow. She has two novels published, (Wastelands of Oz and Firefly of Immortality) and many more stories circulating for anthologies as she pushes her passions forth into the writing community. Having published two poetry books (Dreams of a Broken Soul and Tiptoe through the Tulips) and a nonfiction book about Wicca, she began her path of becoming an established author. Now, along with her writing career and as former Owner and CEO of Jaded Books Publishing – an independent small press specializing in horror, she has merged her former company and the sister company, Azoth Khem Publishing. Now she is Vice President of Azoth Khem Publishing and acquisitions editor of horror, erotica, and poetry. 


Trinitarian Magick for Teenagers and Young Adults: Wicca and Witchcraft- ISBN 978-1512271355


Dreams of a Broken Soul: Life Through a Teenager’s Eyes- ISBN 978-1514290972


Press Releases:

In the Shadows of my Heart: Winter’s Darkest Shadow Press Release

Dreams of a Broken Soul: Life through a Teenager’s Eyes Press Release

Trinitarian Magick for Teenagers and Young Adults: Wicca and Witchcraft Press Release




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