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Firefly of Immortality


There is a war going on between angels. It isn’t a war as one would think that is inscribed and written down in various religious texts throughout the world: angels versus demons. No, this war is much bigger than that. Demons were a creative word enlisted by God. No this war is purely between angels and the fallen angels. God has wiped out the existence of the Divine Mother after she, not Satan or Lucifer, took the fall for darkness out of love not hate. She took half of her children with her, half of the angels of the Summit, that selflessly went with her, and they all fell.

Even though the fall stripped them of their light, it did not strip them of their grace. They are still angels until they let the darkness of the universe seep into their heart. God, whose chosen name is Alpha, had hoped that this would happen sooner rather than later to all of the fallen. He deceived humanity over their existence. Once she was erased from the minds of mortals, the Dark Mother, Lilith, and God come to a compromise of who the Garden of Eden shall belong to.

Every 1,000 years an angel will be sent to earth from God to go to the family designated as the Guardians. This family holds the secret to the Garden of Eden and the angels are trying to swindle away the knowledge for God. Lilith and her army of fallen angels are devising a plan to return to heaven to receive their light back the fallen ones were stripped of when they selflessly fell with their Dark Mother. Lilith sends her own fallen angels to protect the family.

Every 1,000 years, the same soul is reincarnated, Sophie, a soul of an angel that gave up her true love, her twin flame, Incaendiel, to get them back into heaven. Sophie leads a normal life from birth until her 18th birthday where she finds out the stories her grandmother had told her growing up were true. She battles throughout the story to hold on to the feelings she feels for Incaendiel, even as she has memories of her affair while locked away from all the angels while in the Summit. Incaendiel battles what he has for millenniums, whether she will love him before her 19th birthday, or if she will fall for the angel sent from Alpha. He grapples with her human form falling for angels other than him and then has to deal with her angelic soul falling for another angel as well. The darkness is consuming him, and if it succeeds, they will both be lost to the light forever.

Each reincarnation pulls her further away from his love and closer to handing the Garden of Eden over to God. The love these two share outrank the love and power held by God himself. The consummation of their power is the only key to reaching the Garden of Eden, which is the only gateway for the fallen angels back into heaven.

Love, power, and vanity all come together in this novel as we see the showdown between angel and fallen angel, God and Goddess, brothers and sisters in arms fighting against one another. We see the power of love and the power of brotherhood as those angels of the light fall to help their forsaken brothers. In the end, love will banish and conquer the evil God of Creation and return the light back to the fallen, which was rightfully theirs to begin with.

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